Media Kit

What makes Ahiflower®
a talking point?

PhytoLove brings the most innovative and sustainable plant-based nutraceutical solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets, both direct to consumer and as a distribution company. PhytoLove Pty Ltd is Ahiflower’s exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors for Ahiflower Oil in the human and canine supplement markets.

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Perfectly balanced

Ahiflower® is a complete vegan Omega 3+6+9,
perfectly balanced for human health

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Omega-rich oil

Ahiflower® is regeneratively grown, with each acre of crop
producing as much omega-rich oil as 500,000 anchovies

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Powerful solution

Ahiflower® is a powerful solution to mitigating the worst effects
of climate change and environmental degradation caused
by fishing

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