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Camilla, a vegan naturopath, and Simah, an ethical entrepreneur recognised in each other a similar passion for a sustainable, plant-based world with food security for all. They also recognised that they had very different skill sets to bring to the table. So PhytoLove was born as a vehicle to further that mission.

PhytoLove brings the most innovative and sustainable plant-based nutraceutical solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets, both direct to consumer and as a distribution company. PhytoLove Pty Ltd is Ahiflower®’s exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors for Ahiflower Oil in the human and canine supplement markets.

Camilla Brinkworth

Camilla is a degree-qualified naturopath, nutritionist & medical herbalist with a passion for plant-based living. Having read every book she could get her hands on about plant-based nutrition, when she first discovered Ahiflower she felt like she had discovered buried treasure, and made it her mission to share it with Australia & New Zealand.

Camilla reversed the arthritis she developed at 19 years old when she switched over to a whole food plant-based diet, and she never looked back. Since she saw such improvements to her own health, she spreads this message as far and wide as possible and learned everything she could so she could to assist others in living their happiest and healthiest lives. In her spare time she practices yoga, meditation, pranayama and loves to spend time in nature or eating epic vegan food with close friends.

Simah Acabani

Simah Acabani is an ethical entrepreneur who was raised in the Northern Rivers by an eco-warrior mother, learning to eat healthy, consciously-chosen food and recycle from a young age.

Simah is passionate about combining his entrepreneurial spirit with solutions that make a difference to human and planetary health and wellbeing. Simah also has a keen interest in living a healthy lifestyle and growing his own food in his home syntropic food forest. Simah, an ethical vegan, was delighted to discover Ahiflower as a regenerative alternative to fish oil, that holds so much promise for people and planet alike.

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What is PhytoLove?

Phyto=Plant and Love=Love.  We share a love of plants and the promise they hold for food, medicine and a sustainable future. 
And we also believe that utilising plants in these ways leads to a lot more love in the world- it leads to less climate change and environmental degradation, greater global food security and a kinder life for animals. 

– Camilla Brinkworth

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