Since I understand the level of distrust many hold towards “supplement companies” I wanted to address who we are and what we do head on!

Firstly, we do not like to think of ourselves as a “supplement company”. We place our values and our commitment to bringing innovative, sustainable products ahead of any pre-existing commercial demand. We provide what the consumer doesn’t even know they need yet, rather than jumping on profitable but faddish trends. We ONLY work with things we believe in 10,000% and that is evident in our passion and currently exclusive focus on Ahiflower® oil, which we provide both direct to consumers and as an ingredient to other Australian and New Zealand companies. We will only add anything to our offering if we feel it is a true game-changer.

Our company stands for promoting a sustainable and ethical food system, with healthy humans and a healthy, harmonious planet. Ahiflower ticks all our boxes and more because, faced with oceans that some scientists predict may be virtually empty by 2048, it offers an ultra-sustainable, regeneratively grown omega source with significant health advantages to humans above existing options. Each acre provides as much omega-rich oil as 500,000 anchovies which is pretty jaw-dropping. Any future offerings will always remain in line with our core values.

We put our money where our mouths are- whilst we do not exclusively serve vegetarians or vegans by any means, we are a vegan-founded company, which means that our personal profits will only be spent in a vegan-friendly way. We talk the talk and walk the walk- dedicated to good health in all aspects of our lives. Whilst it is hard, if not impossible, to leave no footprint in this modern world, we do our best to be mindful of our personal and company footprints, and reduce them where we can.

Are we intending to run a profitable business? Absolutely! Businesses need to be viable financially to be sustainable and able to spread any good in the world. As our business succeeds we will in turn be able to deliver products at lower prices to consumers as our costs decline, as well as make larger contributions to worthwhile choices chosen by our customers who with every bottle purchased can choose between a selection of causes to donate to. Our primary motivator will always be our commitment to providing truly sustainable and exceptional plant-based products and ingredients that can help the humans, planet and animals alike, we view profits as a by-product, not a primary focus. What REALLY us gets excited is that with every bottle a consumer chooses of Ahiflower oil over fish oil, that spares around 300 anchovies in omega oil equivalency. With marine ecosystems in grave danger, and this having dire implications for us humans too, this is no small matter.

Thank you for all your support- we hope you take the time to check us out and find out why we’re not just another supplement company.