How does Ahiflower compare to Algal/Microalgae Oil?

Ahiflower and Algal/Microalgae oils are both omega-rich oils which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  However, they differ in the types of omegas they offer.  Algal oil typically only contains high DHA which is only one of the omega 3 metabolites we require, whereas Ahiflower contains the short chain omega 3s (ALA and SDA) which convert readily to long chain omega 3 EPA in humans, and has been shown in animal models to lead up to 90% tissue accrual compared to a marine DHA source.

Ahiflower also provides other beneficial metabolites omega-6 GLA and omega-9 oleic acid which are not provided by algal oils.

It is recommended that if pregnant or breastfeeding that you should choose the preformed DHA found in algal/microalgae supplements. Ahiflower is a balanced, comprehensive multi-omega with a highly desirable omega 3:6 ratio which is an ideal choice for most humans.